Applies a human centered motivational design to visualize and quantify the student journey to promote efficacy and belonging

Customizes college and career roadmaps to help students better navigate over hurdles

Surrounds the student with a personal circle of care by connecting them to their peers, educational staff and other professionals

Combines game design, geo-location, leader boards, and more to optimize motivation techniques, incentives, and community building

Adds a “Fun Factor” to any support framework

Provides real-time student engagement and non-academic data for stronger support

Decreases equity gaps to enrollment, graduation, and career obtainment

Builds coaching and advising support capacity

Increase student…

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Retention by 0
Engagement by 0
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Own Your Future

Personalize your profile. Student will go through the onboarding process and personalize their profile

Start the Mission

The mission is introduced through the concept of a Compelling Future and Social Justice

Experience Map

From enrollment to career, students are guided by a "star chart" that promotes on-task behaviors

Let's Get Social

Promoting peer connections and shared experience are key to building a community of support and a network of care

It's Game Time

Equipped with teams, points, leader boards, and a prize shop

Launch a Mission

Easily customize additional experience cards to promote task completion and social behaviors

Host an Event

Promote an event, track sign-ups, and reward for attendance

Ignite a Hotspots

Create spontaneous, as needed, and/or social-based activities that students will enjoy engaging with

Got Data?

Yes, you do. Track engagement, analyze outcomes, and even manage your incentive inventory

Student Characteristics

GRADegy personalizes the student experience through a holistic approach to addressing student needs.

Perfect for....

Get your students ready for the future at any stage of their educational journey

High School Preparing students for college success

College Navigating barriers each semester

Summer Melt Preventing barriers to enrollment

Career Creating choice filled futures

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